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Andrew Barth Feldman starring in Avvatar: The Musical!

While starring in Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway, Andrew Barth Feldman obtained a master’s degree from Yale's Department of Earth and Planetary Science, qualifying him to be the Science Consultant on the forthcoming Avvatar: the Musical, set to open soon at the Mark Hellinger Theatre.

Brought to life by visionary director Zoey Taylor, Avvatar: The Musical is the theatrical event of the century, transporting captivate audiences to other worlds, with the lush, epic score from creators Bobby Kerns and Kay Fields. Avvatar: The Musical takes you WAY beyond your wildest expectations, defying gravity and logic. This heroic science fiction tale of survival, starring Broadway Diva Emma-Olivia, pushes the boundaries of theatrical technology to create an immersive, unforgettable, groundbreaking MUST SEE live event. Produced by legends Cheryl Philips and Steve Jones, Avvatar: The Musical is the ultimate mind-bending, visceral, joy ride! More information via

New bonus episode of The Theatre Podcast out now!

After winning the 2018 Jimmy Award, Andrew Barth Feldman rose to stardom taking over the title role in Dear Evan Hansen. Someone who can’t ever stop stopping, he felt he had to continue his “regular” life outside of the theatre, while still in the theatre. A true overachiever, he continues his amazing career trajectory while consulting on Avvatar the Musical and filming High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Doing his homework on stage during Dear Evan Hansen

  • Being taught at Yale under James Cameron

  • Keeping Avatar’s message of conservation alive on Broadway

  • Working with legendary producers Steve Jones and Cheryl Phillips

  • His not-so-secret relationship with director/choreographer Zoey Taylor


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