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Covid outbreak hits Broadway

The omicron variant has caused multiple cancellations and some full show shutdowns

Since Broadway reopened in the the fall, the theatre community has been vigilant against Covid-19. Daily testing, masks and and all vaccinated audience are just some of the ways that Broadway has been able to stay open while the pandemic still rages on. However, the new omicron variant has swept the nation and, unfortunately, hit Broadway hard. Multiple shows across Broadway have cancelled performances, most throughout the holiday week, to ensure the safety of the cast and crew. Other shows have had to cancel performances the day-of due to breakthrough cases, causing for last minute cancellations. However, the omicron variant has claimed three Broadway shows - all which will not reopen.

Covid-19 has caused multiple show cancellations

Jagged Little Pill, Waitress and Thoughts of a Colored Man will not reopen after Covid-19 cancellations. The news is hard to hear, as it leads people wondering if another Broadway shutdown is imminent. Each show released a statement about their closing:

Jagged Little Pill

“We are dismayed by what appears to be another substantial public health crisis, and – due to the detection of multiple positive Covid-19 cases within the company – need to prioritize the health and safety of the cast, crew, and entire team working on ‘Jagged Little Pill...In light of the extreme uncertainty ahead of us this winter, and forced to choose between continuing performances and protecting our company, we’ve made the difficult decision to close our doors.”


“With only two weeks of performances remaining and due to positive cases of COVID detected in the company and crew at the Barrymore Theatre, the decision has been made to curtail the engagement which was scheduled to run through January 9..."

Thoughts Of A Colored Man

“We have tried our hardest to safely navigate the current unfortunate health crisis, but ultimately we are unable to continue under the unfortunate conditions of Covid exposure in the city and country..."


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