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Inaugural International Festival of Musical Theatre!

Coming to Milan, Italy next summer

The CEO of the Milano Musical Awards and the Board and Broadway International Group have announced the International Festival of Musical Theatre, also known as Festival Internazionale del Musical! The festival will celebrate the most talented people in the musical theatre scene from all over the world!

Performers from all over the world will be featured in the festival!

Whoopi Goldberg announced the festival in a special video featuring Ben Vereen and other Broadway stars. The announcement video included a performance of "Magic to Do" from PIPPIN. Participants in the festival include: US: Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Vereen, Tony Award nominee Laura Osnes, Tony Award winner Lea Salonga, Tony Award nominee Jarrod Spector; Olivier Award winner Janie Dee and Layton Williams from the United Kingdom; musical theatre stars Lorella Cuccarini from Italy; Kim Young Sook from South Korea; Yingfei Liu from China; Luz Angèlica Herrera Vàzquez from Mexico; Eleonora Barbacini Ibrahim from Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Anastasia Styazhkina from Moscow, Russia.

Click the link to watch the announcement video and keep an eye out for more news about the festival!



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