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PASS OVER to play the August Wilson when Broadway reopens!

The play by Antoinette Nwandu previously was performed at Steppenwolf and Lincoln Center

PASS OVER, a play by Antoinette Nwandu, is set to open on Broadway at the August Wilson theatre. MEAN GIRLS was most recently playing at the August Wilson, but will not be reopening once Broadway is back.

The play is inspired by WAITING FOR GODOT and focuses on two young black men and their ideas on the world with a focus on police violence.

The play has gone through multiple revisions and is set to be revised again before opening on Broadway.

Since the play has been seen and staged previously, Nwandu has been able to revise and make changes to the text with each production. In 2019, she changed the ending of the play. Recently, she spoke about how she's approaching it's upcoming Broadway run:

“Though much about ‘Pass Over remains a lament over the lives of Black people stolen too soon, I am happy to confirm that my team and I, along with our producers, are presenting a new version that centers the health, hope and joy of our audiences, especially Black people...we are re-uniting to envision this play again, to tell a version of the story on Broadway where Moses & Kitch both survive their encounter with white oppression...” (Nwandu from BroadwayNews).

With the recent news of Broadway opening back up this fall, PASS OVER is definitely a show to check out once it opens up at the August Wilson.


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