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Scott Rudin resigns from the Broadway League

The news of his resignation was confirmed this past Saturday, April 24th 2021

Amid allegations of abuse, Broadway producer Scott Rudin has not only announced that he will 'step back' from his theatrical projects, but he has also resigned from the Broadway League. His resignation is effective immediately and is connected to his move to step away from the business.

Rudin's resignation from the Broadway League excludes him from their decision making and inner workings. Things such as bargaining agreements with unions and figuring out the reopening of Broadway due to the pandemic will no longer include Rudin.

With his resignation from the Broadway League and his act of stepping away from his current projects, other producers on his shows will take over his role. Rudin's shows included THE BOOK OF MORMON, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, WEST SIDE STORY and the upcoming productions of THE MUSIC MAN and THE LEHMAN TRILOGY.



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