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SIX Finally Opens on Broadway!

The highly anticipated musical opened last night at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre

The pop-meets-Broadway score of SIX has been all over TikTok and other social media platforms for over a year, but last night the musical finally opened on Broadway! The show, originally from the West End, got a ton of praise for its high energy and catchy score. The Broadway production was slated to open in March of 2020, but their opening night was canceled due to the Broadway shutdown.

SIX is finally here!

SIX tells the story of Henry VIII's six wives, each having the opportunity to tell their side of the story which is often forgotten or glazed over in the history books. The show gives the audience a chance to see the world through these women's eyes, instead of through their husband's.

Tickets are available for SIX now! Click here for more!


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