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The Road to Recovery

With vaccination numbers rising, what does the path to opening Broadway look like?

It's been close to 400 days since Broadway shutdown. We've seen theatre live on Zoom and in socially distanced, empty parking lots...but when is the real thing going to return? While nobody knows exactly when the lights of Broadway will shine again, there are some guesses.

“I’ve been quite a realist about all this, but this is probably the first time I’m feeling cautiously optimistic..." (Tali Pelman of Stage Entertainment, from Variety)

Theatres in Australia and London have begun to announce the return dates to some of their biggest shows. Some shows are even currently running right now, such as HAMILTON in Australia. But, what does a packed theatre look like after a pandemic? And how do we safely get back to feeling comfortable in one?

Professionals close to the industry have been saying that a return post-Labor Day is seeming possible. However, this depends on a ton of factors. Financially speaking, Broadway ticket sales depend heavily on large groups and tourists. It costs money to rent out rehearsal spaces, get the cast and crew back in working shape to pull off a full show and produce that show nightly. On the health side, theatre is one place where social distancing is a hurdle in itself. Actor's embrace, kiss, dance and sing with one another 8 times a week - that's something that can't be changed. The actors and audience need to be sure that their health is considered when returning to the theatre; a place where contact and close-quarters is the name of the game.

When do you think is a realistic return date for Broadway? When will you feel safe to sit in a theatre again? Let me know below!



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