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TKTS Booth to re-open in September!

The iconic ticket booth is opening back up on Tuesday, September 14th in Times Square

With Broadway coming back this month, so is the TDF TKTS Booth! The iconic spot located 'under the red steps' in Times Square will open back up for the first time this month since March 12, 2020. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the booth closed along with Broadway since there were no tickets to be sold. However, the booth is coming back and is ready to help New Yorkers and tourists alike get affordable priced tickets to Broadway's biggest shows!

The TKTS Booth is back!

Victoria Bailey, TDF's Executive Director, had this to say about the reopening:

"We’re excited to once again serve New Yorkers and visitors on a budget who have missed the experience of live performance...our re-opening will mirror Broadway’s: - a few shows at first with more to follow as the fall progresses. We will reopen with new safety protocols for customers and staff alike.”

The booth's opening hours will be the following:

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 3pm – 8pm

Wednesday and Saturday from 12pm – 8pm

Sunday from 11am – 7pm

Make sure to head to the red steps, check out the TKTS booth and grab tickets to a show this month!



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