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Broadway Is Coming Back!

Gov. Cuomo announced that, this September, Broadway shows will officially reopen

In a press conference on Wednesday morning, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo stated that Broadway show's can operate at 100% capacity and announced that tickets will go on sale this week. After the press conference, Cuomo tweeted:

"Broadway shows will be ready to open September 14 at 100% capacity. Tickets go on sale starting tomorrow. Broadway is major part of our state’s identity and economy, and we are thrilled that the curtains will rise again."

The fact that Broadway theaters can open up is a massive step forward amidst a year of no theatre - however, this doesn't mean that in September every Broadway show will be open and ready to go.

The Broadway League plans to use the hashtag #NothingBeatsBroadway to inspire people to get tickets

The fact that theaters can open up at 100% capacity gives the show's permission to start selling tickets and filling up. However, it is a show-by-show operation now and each one's path to reopening is different. For example, SIX released a Broadway First Access plan last week and allowed for people to sign up and get tickets to the show once released. Whereas THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA announced the date they'll be reopening on Broadway, but no ticket information has been released yet.

It's been heard through the grapevine that bigger shows, such as WICKED, HAMILTON and THE LION KING will release tickets and more information on May 11th. For now, we've got to all keep a close on our favorite shows and keep our wallets close to snag a ticket to that first reopening night performance!



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