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Broadway's Reopening Plan Picks Up Speed!

Marketing groups have begun working on future promo material and casts have begun virtual meets

We've been without a thriving Broadway scene for over a year now due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Large group gatherings and close quarters make Broadway difficult to open up until the virus is under control. However, with tons of vaccines being given out daily and with Mayor DeBlasio's recent statement saying that NYC should be ready to be fully open by July 1, 2021 - it looks like the Broadway industry is starting to pick up some momentum in regards to its plan to reopen.

Times Square is sure to be a bustling hotspot later this year if Broadway is coming back in full swing!

According to reports from people close to the industry, advertising and marketing agencies for Broadway shows have begun working on promotional material to hype up a Broadway return. Additionally, with the Broadway League stating that they're hopeful for a September reopening - the power now lies with the specific shows to begin announcing plans and concrete dates for a return to the stage. Lastly, casting agencies have begun holding virtual auditions for their shows, building back the casts they lost.

Executive Creative Director of RPM, an advertising agency, Steven Tartick says, "The Broadway return is starting to feel real."



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