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Broadway theatre's requiring full vaccination for audience members

All 41 Broadway theatres have agreed on this policy

Late last week, all 41 Broadway theatres officially announced that, when theaters open up again this fall, they will require all audience members to be fully vaccinated. This news follows an announcement stating that all cast and crew members must be fully vaccinated as well upon return to work. This policy will ensure safety across the board, in hopes to keep productions running smoothly amidst the current Delta variant Covid-19 wave.

Broadway theaters are slated to reopen this fall

In addition to requiring audience members to be fully vaccinated, the theater's have also announced that they will require masks be worn during all productions, unless you're eating or drinking. Nick Scandalios, executive VP of the Nederlander Organization spoke about the policy:

"With these procedures in place and recognizing the high vaccination rates among NYC audiences, Broadway continues to make safety our priority. As we get ready for Broadway's big comeback, the entire theatre community is committed to the highest level of public health standards. We're all eager to welcome our many patrons and fans back to the magic of Broadway."

Hopefully, this policy will push those who are currently not vaccinated to want to get vaccinated in order to enjoy Broadway when it returns later this year.



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