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First Look: HAMILTON in Australia!

We finally got our first look at the Sydney cast of HAMILTON and I'm so excited!

These days, anything Broadway related fills me with so much joy. It's been too long since we've been able to see a musical, so when the Sydney cast of HAMILTON was revealed - I was thrilled! We got a first look the other day at the cast in their costumes.

Jason Arrow as Alexander Hamilton in action! (Photo credit: Supplied/isa Maree Williams)

This cast looks incredible!

Chloé Zuel as Eliza! (Photo credit: Supplied/isa Maree Williams)
Lyndon Watts as Aaron Burr! (Photo credit: Supplied/isa Maree Williams)

This incredibly diverse cast looks ready to bring HAMILTON back to the stage and to a new continent. I feel like there's a cast of HAMILTON slowly popping up all over the place. HAMILTON: World Domination is upon us and, honestly, I'm here for it. Are you a HAMILTON super fan? Drop your favorite moment from the show in the comments below!



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