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Karen Olivo will not return to MOULIN ROUGE!

"I want a theater industry that matches my integrity."

Karen Olivo, who starred as the 'Sparkling Diamond' Satine in the Broadway production of MOULIN ROUGE!, announced yesterday that she will not return to the show when Broadway opens back up. In a video she posted to her Instagram, Olivo cites the silence around the Scott Rudin allegations as her reason for leaving the show. Over the past week or so, Rudin, a Broadway producer, has been accused of abusing members of his staff both violently and emotionally. However, while these stories and accusations piled up, only a few members of the theatre industry actually took a stand against Rudin. Olivo decided that enough was enough.

"I don't need to be on a stage. I need to be out here...I want a theater industry that matches my integrity. It’s not here, obviously. Let’s go make it. Let’s divest and invest in ourselves." (Olivo)

In her Instagram video, Olivo speaks very honestly about her frustration towards the industry and towards those in power who could say something and make change - but who choose not to: "In this space, right now, with our industry. Everybody’s scared and nobody’s really doing the stuff that needs to be done. People aren’t speaking out...The silence about Scott Rudin? Unacceptable. Unacceptable. That's the easy one, y'all. That's a monster. That should be a no-brainer. Those of you who say you're scared, what are you afraid of?" (Olivo).

Her video challenges those in the industry who can make change to do so and, rather than think about the money in their pockets, think about their fellow theatre makers who were put in danger by being in Rudin's presence.

To see Karen Olivo's full departure explanation video, head to her Instagram account @karenolivo or click the link:


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