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Nathan Lane and Savion Glover Back on Broadway!

On Saturday, April 3rd, the two performed for a little over a half an hour at Broadway's St. James Theater

Actor Nathan Lane and dancer Savion Glover appeared last weekend on stage at the St. James Theater to perform to a pre-tested audience of 150 people. Both performed separately to maintain a safe social distance.

Photo credit: Sarah Krulwich/NYT

Glover performed an improvisational song and dance combo littered with quotes and references to musicals like A CHORUS LINE and WEST SIDE STORY. After the performance, Glover said, "I was a little nervous, but I was elated, and happy, and there was nostalgia, and I was sentimental — it was everything...I felt very safe...there’s no more safe place than right in the middle of that stage," (Glover for NYT). Lane performed a comedic monologue called Playbills written by Paul Rudnick for the occasion. Lane was quoted saying, "These are baby steps toward a real reopening. It’s a way of signaling to everyone that we’re coming back," (Lane for NYT).

Baby steps lead to bigger steps which means we're getting closer and closer to opening Broadway back up again! Fingers crossed we get more performances like this that get us all hyped for the eventual return of the Great White Way.



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