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SIX: The Musical Teases Its Return To Broadway!

The official Twitter account for the Broadway production released new information regarding reopening!

On Monday morning, the official Twitter account for SIX: The Musical's Broadway production (@SixBroadway) announced its Broadway First Access plan followed by more information about a possible reopening for the show. The Twitter account teased a big announcement by tweeting on Sunday, the day before the reveal, saying: "Hey Queendom. Announcement tomorrow.".

Head to to sign-up to be on their email list and get information about the show's return to Broadway!

The big reveal was SIX: The Musical announcing its Broadway First Access plan:

"Hey Queendom - exciting news! Soon we will have information about our return to Broadway, including performance schedule, safety protocol updates, and when tickets will go on sale...We will have a lot to share with you, so sign up at to get the latest info about our Broadway return sent to your inbox. And did we mention that by signing up, you will get access to tickets before anyone else?!...Stay safe, stay strong. We can’t wait to see you again on Broadway!"

The news caused a ton of hype on Twitter, getting fans of the show excited to see the show again. However, it also now raises the question if other Broadway show's are going to follow in their footsteps with a "First Access" plan? Giving fans and audience members the chance to be in-the-know and learn about upcoming safety protocols ahead of time and secure tickets would be a great step forward towards a full Broadway reopening.

Check out @SixBroadway on Twitter and head to the site listed above to join the First Access Plan!



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