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The DEAR EVAN HANSEN movie trailer has dropped!

The movie is slated to release on September 24, 2021

DEAR EVAN HANSEN, the Tony award winning Best Musical of 2017, is being adapted into a movie and the first trailer has been released. The movie version of the musical stars Ben Platt, who originated the role of Evan Hansen on Broadway, Amy Adams, Julianne Moore, Kaitlyn Dever and Colton Ryan. The Broadway musical is beloved by audiences and has been a Broadway staple since it opened in 2017. However, with the release of the trailer, the movie adaptation isn't quite getting the love the musical has.

Evan Hansen (Ben Platt) and Colton Ryan (Connor Murphy)

The trailer of the movie dropped last week and showed quite a bit of the story within the 3 minutes that were released. Additionally, we were given our first look at Ben Platt as Evan Hansen in the film version - and the reception is definitely mixed. Platt, who is 27 years old, played Evan on Broadway when he was 24. His acting and appearance helped audiences believe that he was a high school student and not someone in their mid-20s. However, the movie version of Evan is a bit more jarring. Platt is sporting a curly haired wig and looks older than his on-screen counterparts. Twitter erupted once the trailer was released with fans confused as to why Platt looks the way he does. The tweets, while funny and witty, brought up a bit of a divide in the theatre community. Should a newer, younger actor have been cast to play Evan on the big screen? Or does casting Platt help further the argument of "casting musical theatre actors in movie musicals"? What do you think?

DEAR EVAN HANSEN comes to theatres September 24th, 2021.


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