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The Theatre Podcast named one of the best theatre podcasts of the 2021!

Welp Magazine released a list late last week

Welp Magazine created a list of 20 theatre podcasts that you should be listening to - and we made the cut! The list features podcasts that are all theatre-adjacent and range from actual radio dramas to interview based shows.

Make sure to check out the other podcasts that made the list!

The 20 podcasts featured in the list are:

Decoder Ring Theatre, Fireside Mystery Theatre, Moonlight Audio Theatre, LA Theatre Works, Audio Theatre Central, A Musical Theatre Podcast, The Redrum Theatre, HowlRound Theatre Commons, American Theatre's Offscript, Jim and Tomic's Musical Theatre Happy Hour, Token Theatre Friends, The Theatre Podcast with Alan Seales (yay!), Pipe Dream Theatre, The Theatre of Tomorrow, 15 Minute Theatre, Dice Tower Theatre, The History of European Theatre, WGN Radio Theatre, Theatre Audience Podcast and The Frightmare Theatre Podcast.

Head to and check out the full list and find out where you can listen to these other amazing shows!



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