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What does the new CDC mask policy mean for Broadway's reopening?

The CDC lifts mask restrictions for people who have been vaccinated

Last week, the CDC announced that those who have been vaccinated no longer need to wear a mask indoors or outdoors. The announcement came as a bit of a surprise, with states all over the country responding with differing opinions on it. One thing that a lot of people are talking about is: what does a lifted mask restriction mean for Broadway?

Broadway is set to reopen this fall!

The CDC announcement states that it's safe for vaccinated people to sit unmasked in a movie theater, sit inside at a restaurant and even sing in a chorus indoors. But, what does it mean for Broadway? Whether you're sitting next to a stranger at a show for 3 hours or running around backstage as part of the wardrobe team - what does the this new freedom really mean? Well, Broadway has yet to release a concrete safety plan for reopening (aside from electronic ticketing and sanitation protocols), but there are internal conversations about still requiring people to wear a mask during the entirety of the performance. Additionally, there has been the conversation of needing every audience, cast and crew member to be fully vaccinated. Now, that's a hard thing to figure out - especially when so much of Broadway's audience is full of tourists who come and go from many different places.

Keep an eye out for more information regarding Broadway's full safety plan so you can see a show this fall!



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